We have surpassed our 2019-2020 targeted objectives

Our Sustainability Vision

The vision of Environmental Sustainability in Apogee Graphics is to create a net positive impact on the environment and for stakeholders within our value chain. We realise that to achieve our vision, we need a strong commitment from everyone; reliable and accurate data to point us in the right direction; adopt appropriate technology and embrace an all-inclusive culture on our journey.

Reduce47% of fleet fuel
Reduce14% waste
Reduce19% electricity, gas, and heating oil
Plant595% more trees through PrintReleaf

Professional printing with sustainable materials

Recycled Posterboard

Looking to use eco-friendly materials? We use unique embossed core materials that provide stability and rigidity that is made of paper 100% and fully FSC certified. Dispa boards have exceptional design and print capabilities, which makes them the perfect material for organisations looking for sustainably printed materials that can are fully recyclable after use.

Our Progress

We are working with our clients to make a difference, through driving sustainability and reforestation to help create a more sustainable future.

Integrating environmental sustainability into every aspect of our business strategy.

  • Maintain strong compliance to environmental laws and regulation
  • Promote broader ownership of environmental sustainability through engagement and training
  • Collaborate with customers and suppliers for mutual benefit
  • Exploit existing and new technologies
  • Anticipate and respond to emerging environmental issues

Putting sustainability at the heart of your business

Water Based Ink Cartridges

We deliver outstanding print whilst helping our clients meet their sustainability goals through the latest eco-solvent technology. We are continuing to implement more ways through technology to drive change in sustainable printing.